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Child Sexual Abuse & Enabling Abuse in Oklahoma

While any crime involving children is taken very seriously in Oklahoma, child sexual abuse convictions carry some of the most severe penalties allowed by law, including life in prison. Because a child sexual abuse charge holds the potential for lifelong consequences, it is important to understand the charge and how it could affect your future.

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child sexual abuse is a broad term Oklahoma law uses to describe any sexual activity involving an adult and a child under 18.  However, if the child is under age 12, Oklahoma statute considers this a separate offense. Sexual activity can include the following:

  • - Rape
  • - Incest
  • - Groping or touching a child inappropriately
  • - Asking or forcing a child to perform a sex act

What are the Penalties for Child Sexual Abuse?

If convicted of child sexual abuse in Oklahoma, you could be looking at one or a combination of the following penalties:

  • - A $500-$5,000 fine and /or a year in county jail
  • - Up to life in prison
  • - Possible required registration as a sex offender

In addition to imposing the fines and prison terms above, the state can also require up to one year of mandatory supervision following your release from prison.

What is Enabling Child Sexual Abuse?

Enabling child sexual abuse is also a crime in Oklahoma.  You could be charged with this crime if you knowingly allowed a child to be a situation with the threat of sexual abuse.  For example, if you knew that your child was being sexually abused by her teacher and you continued to send her to that teacher’s classroom, then you would be enabling child sexual abuse.

What are the Penalties for Enabling Child Sexual Abuse?

As outlined in Oklahoma law, if you are convicted of enabling child sexual abuse, you could be looking at one or a combination of the following penalties:

  • - A year in county jail
  • - A $500-$5,000 fine
  • - Potential for mandatory registration as a sex offender
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