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If you are facing criminal charges—especially if this is your first brush with the law—you may wonder how life goes on after you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime. With the Edge Law Firm on your side, your life will return to normal sooner than you expect. Our qualified criminal defense attorneys will defend your legal rights, shield your reputation and fight for your freedom. We will continue to defend your case until we’ve exhausted every possible avenue in pursuit of an acquittal of the charges you face. Regardless of the seriousness of your charges, our legal team will construct an individualized defense based upon the specific facts and circumstances of your case.

When you hire the Edge Law Firm, you have a wide range of criminal law experience on your side. Both our skill and our experience have earned us a reputation as a top-tier law firm in the State of Oklahoma. On the national stage, we have earned a reputation of being dedicated, committed and determined to protect your freedom and preserve your dignity, regardless of the offenses you are facing.

Shielding Your Reputation

Criminal charges will not necessarily tarnish your reputation; that’s because an arrest does not automatically result in a conviction. With an experienced and reputable attorney from the Edge Law Firm defending your case, it is more likely that your reputation will remain intact. As criminal defense attorneys, our sole goal is to gain an acquittal for each and every one of our clients. And when an acquittal is not possible, we construct a defense strategy to minimize the legal ramifications and stigma that are associated with criminal charges.

Protecting Your Freedom

Your freedom is equally as important as your reputation, and the attorneys at Edge Law Firm place a high value on both of these precious commodities. Although an acquittal is the best method to preserving your freedom, our attorneys are experienced negotiators with a track record of plea agreements that reduce the limitations on your freedom.

Serving All of Oklahoma

From our offices in Tulsa, we are equipped to defend clients against both state and federal criminal charges throughout the State of Oklahoma. Regardless of where you’re located in Oklahoma, we can make arrangements to defend your case. To learn more about the Edge Law Firm and how we can help, fill out our online form for a free review of your case.

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