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Unlawful Ammunition in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s liberal gun laws make it legal for eligible individuals to possess firearms for recreational and self-defense purposes. However, there are restrictions regarding the type of ammunition that a person can possess in our state.

Restricted Bullets

Oklahoma law states that it is a felony to possess, carry, use, import, attempt to use or advertise the sale of any restricted bullets. Under the law, a restricted bullet:

  • - Is elongated
  • - Has a core of less than 60% lead
  • - Has a fluorocarbon coating
  • - Is designed to travel at a high rate of speed
  • - Can pierce body armor


The penalties for manufacturing, importing or advertising restricted bullets for sale include:

  • - A fine ranging from $500 to $10,000 and/or
  • - Up to 10 years in prison

The penalties for possessing, using or attempting to use a restricted bullet include:

  • - Two to 10 years in prison
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