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Use These Magic Words: “Am I Free to Go?”

These are the magic words that should apply to any encounter with a police officer. According to the United States Constitution, an officer must have a reason to detain you. Two situations arise where this is very important:

1. Traffic stop. You may be a passenger or you may have been given a ticket. The officer says, “Can I ask you a few questions?”

You should always respond with “Am I free to go?” If he or she does not answer your question, ask again… You are either free to go or you are not—there is no in between.

If you are free to go, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY without saying anything. Just leave!

2. Pedestrian Check, Welfare Check, Safety Check. These are recent terms officers use for just walking up to an individual and starting to question him or her. You are not obligated to talk to anyone you prefer not to—including the police.

If you are free to go, simply turn and walk away. If you are not free to go—You need a lawyer and should invoke your right to a lawyer immediately— then SHUT UP.

Yes. SHUT UP. It does no good to invoke your rights and then you keep explaining or volunteering reasons/excuses/ explanations as the officer questions you.

Remember: “Am I Free To Go?”

If so, leave quickly. If not, be quiet.

If you don’t get an answer—ask again and again.

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