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Defending Your Child Charged with a Tulsa, Oklahoma College Campus Crime

In the wake of the tragic events on the campuses of Virginia Tech, Santa Monica College and the University of Maryland, states including Oklahoma have enacted tougher laws for crimes of any type that occur on college campuses. College students tend to be vulnerable to the aggressive tactics used by police and the prosecution because often times they are far away from home. For this reason, it is essential that a college student who has committed a crime on campus hire an experienced criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later. Don’t wait until charges are filed; rather, contact one of the qualified attorneys at the Edge Law Firm as soon as you become aware that an investigation has begun.

Sex Crimes

Of the various sex crimes, date rape is the one most commonly reported on college campuses. Not surprisingly, male students are typically the target of date rape investigations. Date rape is a serious felony in Oklahoma that carries a prison sentence of at least five years. Additionally, even if you are not convicted, a date rape charge and investigation can tarnish the your reputation for many years to come. Accordingly, it pays to have an experienced and aggressive attorney by your side as soon as you become aware of an ongoing investigation who can defend your rights and your reputation.

Drug and Alcohol Crimes

Drug use and underage alcohol consumption can lead to separate but serious criminal charges. Oklahoma’s drug laws carry harsh penalties including prison time and fines beginning at $1,000.The State of Oklahoma has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking, as well as drunk driving. A DUI conviction can carry jail time from five days in the local jail to five years in the state prison system depending upon the facts and circumstances of the case.

Getting Help

The stakes are high when it comes to campus crime. Don’t face an investigation without a qualified and aggressive criminal defense attorney by your side from the outset. If you or a loved one is facing charges stemming from a campus crime, the team at the Edge Law Firm can help. To request more information or a free review of your case, contact our office today or fill out our online form.

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