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The Tulsa, Oklahoma Criminal Jones Case

Bruce Edge: Ok, we’ve got the Jones trial coming up. What’s our status?

Jason Edge: Well, we’re off to a good start. We had a motion to suppress and we were able to kick all of the witness statements that were made after the arrest because he wasn’t read his Miranda rights.

Bruce: Good. Our witnesses?

Melanie Lander: The investigator has eight witnesses; she already has statements from six of them. She also has the video. It’s going to be ready for us next week.

Bruce: Our experts?

Stephen Edge: The subpoenas have been issued; Melissa’s working on getting the medical expert here right now.

Bruce: And we had a motion in limine prosecutor misconduct.

Stephen: The research is done. I’ll have it written by Tuesday.

Melanie: The motions in limine are prepared; they’re ready to go.

Bruce: Ok. Let’s win this one.

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