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Schedule II Drugs Oklahoma

Many drug possession charges are considered misdemeanors in Oklahoma, including schedule II drug possession. This means that if you have been charged with schedule II drug possession, you should be prepared to potentially serve time in jail and pay a fine if you are convicted.

Because Oklahoma law determines penalties based upon the specific characteristics of the drug possessed, an accurate understanding of how Oklahoma law categorizes certain drugs is essential because it could have a devastating effect on your future.

What are Schedule II Drugs in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma law uses a five-category system called schedules to classify controlled substances. Drugs that pose minimal threats for abuse or adverse side effects, would fall into a schedule V category. In contrast, drugs with unsafe side effects, addictive properties, and no evidence of safe medicinal use in the U.S., fall into the schedule I category. However, drugs that may be deemed unsafe in the U.S. yet still have some medical value under strict regulation, would fall into a schedule II category.

Examples of schedule II drugs include:

  • - Stimulants and hallucinogenic drugs such as nabilone, amphetamine, and methamphetamine
  • - Natural and/or synthetic narcotics such as codeine, morphine painkillers, opium poppies, and cocaine.
  • - Opiates such as methadone or dihydrocodeine
  • - Depressants or stimulants such as amobarbital, glutethimide, Vyvanse, and Ritalin

What are the Penalties for Schedule II Drug Possession in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma law assigns the following penalties for schedule I drug possession first offenders:

  • - Two to 10 years in prison
  • - A $5,000 fine

Second and subsequent offenders can face the following enhanced penalties:

  • - A $10,000 fine
  • - Four to 20 years in prison
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