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Posting Bail After a Felony Arrest in Oklahoma

If you are arrested and charged with a felony in Oklahoma, you may be sent to jail. If this occurs, the judge in your case may require bail to be paid in order for you to be released.

What is Bail?

Bail is an amount of money that must be paid in order for you to be released from jail. The judge will use such factors as the specifics of the case and any prior criminal charges or convictions, to determine the amount.

Once bail has been paid, you will be free to go until your next court appearance. If you attend all necessary court appearances until the conclusion of your case, the bail amount will be returned to you. If you fail to appear, you will forfeit the amount and will be subject to additional penalties.

Bail can be extremely expensive, often in the thousands of dollars. Some people dip into savings accounts or borrow money from family to make bail.

What is a Bond?

If you are not able to afford your bail amount, you may consider obtaining a bond through a bondsman or bond agent.  The bond agent in effect stands in your place and risks their money for your release. This requires less money upfront and the bond agent will assist in the paperwork to get you released. You should be aware you will have to pay a nonrefundable fee of approximately 10% of the total bail amount. This is to compensate the bail agent for their time and risking their funds for your release.

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