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Possession With Intent to Distribute

Possession of drugs with intent to sell or distribute in Oklahoma is a felony. Intent to distribute includes:

  • • Sharing small amounts of drugs with friends
  • • Smoking marijuana with friends

While many marijuana charges are filed as misdemeanors, you will face a felony if you sell or distribute to minors or within 2,000 feet of schools, public parks, or public housing. It is also a felony to solicit a minor to cultivate or distribute drugs.

If you are found in possession of small amounts of illegal drugs (including synthetic drugs) you may be charged with a misdemeanor, but it is easy for the prosecution to claim that you intended to sell or distribute to others any amount you were carrying, even if what you had was for personal use.

Intent to distribute is very easy to prove if you are also in possession of scales, plastic bags, and other paraphernalia that can be attributed to drug use and sales.

What Punishment Am I Facing?

If convicted of possession with intent to sell or distribute, you could face:

  • • A mandatory minimum sentence of two years in prison
  • • A fine of up to  $20,000

Schedule I and II narcotics carry heavier penalties: a minimum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

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