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Petty Theft

“Petty” theft or petty larceny is the charge of stealing something below a certain value. Usually a misdemeanor, in Oklahoma, this is stolen property worth less than $500. The courts use market value to determine the value of the property.

Grand Theft is stealing property worth more than $500. You would not want to see a petty theft charge escalate to grand theft. An attorney can help ensure this does not happen.

Penalties for Petty Theft

You could be fined up to $500 or sent to jail for up to six months if you are found guilty of petty theft.

Ask for a Lawyer

Perhaps you do not think this is a fair charge at all, or it may seem like a minor crime, until you have to pay that fine or go to jail. These situations can escalate quickly. Maybe there is a dispute between you and someone else about who owns the property in question. Perhaps the owner claims a higher value for the property, and suddenly you are facing a grand theft charge.

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