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Online Solicitation of a Prostitute in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s computer sex crime laws encompass a wide variety of offenses committed using any device with an internet connection, such as a cell phone or computer. Among these crimes is soliciting a prostitute.

Some people think that finding someone who is willing to engage in sexual activity in exchange for money is easier and safer when it is done online through sites such as CraigsList. However, law enforcement is on the lookout for those who use these platforms to both solicit and pander their services.


Although it is usually charged as a misdemeanor, the punishment for soliciting prostitution depends on any prior convictions that may be on your record:

  • - First offense: 30 days to one year in jail, maximum $2,500 fine
  • - Second offense: maximum of one year in jail, maximum $5,000 fine
  • - Third offense: maximum of one year in jail, maximum $7,500 fine

Soliciting a prostitute can be charged as a felony if:

  • - It is done within 1,000 feet of a school or church
  • - You are HIV positive and engage in the act of prostitution

In these cases, you could be sentenced to up to five years in prison.

Penalties and charges are also enhanced for prostitution-related offenses that involve children.

Why Fight Your Charges?

Any prostitution-related charge is obviously embarrassing and could have a potentially devastating effect on many areas of your life. If you have been charged with solicitation and/or if you believe you are merely being investigated, do not hesitate to contact an experienced sex crimes defense attorney who can help protect your reputation and your future.

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