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Oklahoma Probation and Penalties

Question: What is probation? What are the penalties for a probation violation in Oklahoma?

Answer: Probation is an alternative to incarceration. Meaning: you’ve committed a crime, you’re going to be punished; the courts and the prosecutors are willing to allow you to serve that time of punishment in the community as opposed to removing you from society and placing you in jail or in prison. The penalties for violating probation really depend on, they depend on a lot of circumstances. They depend first of all on what type of charge you were on probation for. And then secondly they depend on the manner in which you have violated probation. Having said that, penalties for violating probation can range anywhere from a monetary sanction, they can involve community service hours, they can range all the way up to your probation being revoked and you spending the remaining portion of your sentence in either jail or prison.

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