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Prison Alternatives Diversion Programs for Veterans

Oklahoma is very supportive of veterans of nation’s armed forces veterans. Vets who have been charged with certain crimes may qualify for special assistance through one of our state’s veteran diversion programs. These programs are designed to provide our veterans with the assistance they may need in addressing issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and provide them an alternative to prison.

How the Program Works

Eligible veterans who are accepted into the program must report for behavioral health management counseling every day. In addition to this counseling, these vets participate in individualized plans that may include:

  • • Substance abuse treatment
  • • Support group meetings
  • • Drug screenings
  • • Educational/vocational training

Veterans who successfully complete the program will have their criminal charges either not filed or dismissed entirely.

Do I Qualify?

Veterans who are facing criminal charges may be able to apply to a diversion program if it is offered in the county in which they have been charged. Candidates must go through a selection process that includes interviews and assessments with public defenders, state prosecutors, counselors and fellow veterans. If selected, the veteran signs a contract stating that he or she will face prosecution if unsuccessful in the program.

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