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DUI Conviction & TSA Global Entry Pass Disqualification

If you travel regularly for work or leisure, getting a Global Entry pass from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is definitely in your best interest. Global Entry and TSA PreCheck are programs that allow passengers to skip long lines at airport security, board faster and even expedite the customs process.

Disqualifying Offenses

Not all Americans are eligible to take advantage of the perks offered through Global Entry and PreCheck. If you have been convicted of or plead not guilty or no contest to any of the so-called disqualifying offenses listed by TSA, you will not be granted Global Entry.

These offenses include:

Avoiding Lifelong Penalties

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, there are many reasons to aggressively defend yourself. Not only do you want to do all that you can to avoid facing criminal penalties, you will want to avoid having to face unintended consequences that could follow you for years to come.

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