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Oklahoma DNA Evidence and Criminal Cases

We hear a lot in the news and on television about cases being cracked wide open by the discovery of DNA evidence. And while sometimes DNA can be helpful for the prosecution, defense attorneys understand that this specific form of evidence can also help acquit a client.

DNA Challenged, Case Dismissed

The Edge Law Firm represented a man accused of brutally murdering his girlfriend, a young mother, in front of her son in Tulsa in 1999. A bloody shirt was found a block away from the scene of the crime and submitted as evidence nearly 10 years later.

Prosecutors were hoping that the presence of the defendant’s blood would prove that he murdered the victim. Instead, the attorneys at Edge Law Firm challenged the validity and integrity of the sample—and the charges against the defendant were dropped.

The Right Defense

No matter what the so-called evidence says, it is imperative to have the right defense team on your side if you are facing criminal charges. Call the team at the Edge Law Firm today to find out how we can help you.

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