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Manufacture of Methamphetamine

If you are charged with manufacturing methamphetamine in Oklahoma, you are could be in serious trouble. Methamphetamine, also known as “crank” or “crystal meth,” is a very potent form of amphetamine. It is a highly abused drug in Oklahoma, a state that is a top contender for having one of the country’s worst meth problems.

Fighting Back

To combat the problem, Oklahoma has developed stricter control of pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in over-the-counter cold and sinus medications which is used to make methamphetamine. The state created the Oklahoma Methamphetamine Offender Registry Act, which:

• Assigns those to the Registry who are convicted of or plead guilty to any methamphetamine-related crime

• Tracks known meth offenders

• Makes it a criminal offense for those on the Registry to possess, purchase, or be in control of any amount of pseudoephedrine, even with a prescription.

The Penalties

Penalties for possession, manufacture, and trafficking meth are severe.

Manufacturing methamphetamine is a felony, as are trafficking, distribution, or violation of the Oklahoma Methamphetamine Offender Registry Act. In fact:

• Even if it is your first offense, you could face two years in prison.

• If convicted of possession with distribution or intent to distribute, or manufacturing meth, life imprisonment is a very real possibility.

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