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Making Terroristic Threats in Oklahoma

Terrorism is the use of threats or violence against citizens and/or property in an effort to receive illegal demands. These demands can be political or economic.

In 1995, Oklahoma City was rocked by a domestic terrorist attack when Timothy McVeigh used explosives to destroy the Alfred P. Murrah building, killing 168 innocent people.

Terrorism Under Oklahoma Law

In light of this heinous act perpetrated in our state, lawmakers worked to pass the Oklahoma Anti-Terrorism Act in 1996. Under this legislation, it is a felony offense to commit, attempt or threaten to commit an act of terrorism.

If you are convicted of either making a terroristic threat or carrying out an act of terrorism, you can be punished to a maximum sentence of life in prison. Making a false threat or attempting to carry out a terroristic hoax is also a felony. Conviction could result in up to 10 years in prison.

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