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Intent To Manufacture Methamphetamine in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Officer: Ma’am! Stop right there! I’m going to need to see what’s in your bag.

Woman: Why?

Officer: You have a plastic container.

Woman: Yeah?

Officer: What’s the brake fluid for?

Woman: My car.

Officer: You have a coffee filter…

Woman: Yeah, I drink coffee…

Officer: Matches, batteries…

Woman: Ok, ok. So?

Officer: Sudafed?

Woman: I have allergies.

Officer: Uh huh.

Woman: What’s going on here? I purchased all those items.

Officer: Well these are all the things to manufacture methamphetamine.

Woman: I am not making methamphetamine!

Officer: I’m going to have to arrest you for endeavoring to manufacture methamphetamines.

Melanie Lander: I know I have most of those items in my home—I’m sure you do, too. That does not make me a criminal. It doesn’t make you one, either. If you’ve been arrested for having normal, everyday items in your possession, give us a call. We can defend this case for you.

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