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Illegal Weapons Possession in Oklahoma

While Oklahoma law protects responsible gun owners with proper permits, police and prosecutors take a hard stance against possession of illegal weapons as well as possessing weapons of any kind in certain locations.

Illegal Weapons

Specific weapons are prohibited under Oklahoma law, regardless of whether or not a person possesses a permit. These weapons include:

  • - Ammunition larger than .45 caliber
  • - Switchblades
  • - Daggers
  • - Bowie knives
  • - Metal knuckles
  • - Armor-piercing bullets
  • - Blackjacks
  • - Loaded canes

The penalty for possessing any of these items is a $500 fine.

Where All Firearms are Prohibited

The law designates both which weapons are illegal and where it is illegal to carry any weapon. Even if you possess a concealed or open carry license, it is illegal to have any weapon:

  • - In any government owned property, including office buildings and courthouses
  • - In a bar
  • - In a jail, prison or detention center
  • - In a public or private elementary or secondary school
  • - On the property of a college, university or technical school
  • - To a professional sporting event held in an arena
  • - In any place where gambling is legally allowed

If convicted, you could face serious fines and time behind bars.

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