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Fee Structure of Edge Law Firm in Oklahoma

Question: Can you discuss the fee structure at Edge Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Answer: At Edge Law Firm, our fees are based on the individual’s case. This is why it is so important for us that we have potential clients come into our office and sit down and visit with them about their individual cases. First of all, we think it’s important to have a face-to-face meeting with somebody when that person is facing criminal charges. Criminal charges are a serious matter, and the attorney-client relationship is not something to take lightly. Furthermore, it’s only after sitting down and visiting with somebody about the incident, the facts of the case and other matters that we can properly evaluate the defenses and determine what it’s going to take to defend somebody on the charge that they’re facing. A flat fee will not cover all cases, and we feel that it is important that you be charged a fee which is consistent with your case, consistent with your defenses. That way we know that we can do a good job for you.

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