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Defending Cyber Crime in Tulsa, Oklahoma

With our increased dependence upon and use on the Internet, cyber crime has gone mainstream. Oklahoma law has adapted to the trend of increased cyber crime by expanding certain statutes as well as adding new ones to protect Oklahoma residents from this type of invasive crime. As Internet crimes have increased, Oklahoma courts have taken a tougher stance on punishment for these types of crimes. If you are facing a cyber crime charge, it is important to have a qualified criminal defense attorney by your side from the onset of an investigation to ensure that your legal rights are protected at every stage of the process.

The Legal Definition of Cyber Crime

Oklahoma law defines cyber crime as any type of criminal act that is accomplished by the use of a computer, Internet or other technological device or gadget. Theft, stalking, and fraud are general crimes that can also fall under Oklahoma’s cyber crime laws if they are committed using a computer or other technological device. Identity theft, phishing, and DNS hijacking are some examples of common theft crimes that occur online. Other cyber crimes include online gambling, Internet pornography, cyber stalking, computer hacking and soliciting sex with minors.

Punishment for Cyber Crime

Depending upon the actual crime itself as well as a number of other factors, punishment for cyber crime can be very serious. Punishment can be enhanced by such factors as your prior criminal history as well as the amount of the resulting damage. Additionally, punishment is usually increased if the crime is highly publicized or if the victim is a minor. Typical punishment includes imprisonment, fines, restitution, probation and community service.

Consult With An Attorney For Your Case

Cyber crime is a broad category of crime that can apply to just about any illegal act that utilizes a technological device. Penalties for these kinds of crimes can be harsh, and a conviction for a cyber crime can severely impact your future. If you are facing a cyber crime charge, one of the qualified criminal defense attorneys from the Edge Law Firm can provide a vigorous defense to cyber crime. Contact the Edge Law Firm using our online form for a free review of your cyber crimes case.

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