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Conjoint Robbery in Oklahoma

Robbery is a serious offense in Oklahoma. Under our state’s statutes, robbery is defined as the wrongful taking of another person’s property in his or her presence against that person’s will by means of fear or force. It is charged as a felony.

There are several types of robbery, including first degree, second degree and conjoint robbery.

First degree robbery involves any robbery where the defendant:

  • - Inflicts serious bodily injury upon the victim
  • - Threatens someone with immediate serious bodily injury
  • - Intentionally puts the victim in fear of immediate and serious bodily injury
  • - Commits or threatens to commit a felony against the victim

All other robberies are charged as second degree robberies.

Elements of a Conjoint Robbery

In order to charge someone with conjoint robbery, the prosecution must prove that a robbery was committed and that one or more persons were involved in some fashion.

If convicted, you will be sentenced to a prison term between five and 50 years.

85% Rule

Oklahoma statutes contain what’s known as an 85% rule, which states that a person must serve 85% of his or her sentence before being eligible for parole if convicted of certain crimes.

If you have been charged with conjoint robbery, you need to begin building a solid defense as soon as possible.

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