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College Students Face Penalties in Oklahoma

Question: What are some of the penalties a college student can face if he or she is charged with a crime in Oklahoma?

Answer: College students face the same penalties for crimes as any other member of society would face for having committed that same offense. Where students really run into trouble is if they are charged with possessing drugs while they are on a college campus. In Oklahoma, all drugs are felonies if they are possessed within 1,000 feet of a school. So even if a student has possession of a small amount of marijuana—which would typically be a misdemeanor charge—because they’re possessing that marijuana on a college campus, it will be charged as a felony charge. As far as penalties which a college student can face, like I said earlier they would be the same criminal charges as any other member of society; however, the student could face repercussions from the school or university they are attending which could involve expulsion, sanctions or the loss of federal funding for student aid if they are in fact convicted of drug crimes.

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