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Circumstantial Evidence in Oklahoma Explained

Question: What is circumstantial evidence in Oklahoma?

Answer: So there are two types of evidence: there’s circumstantial evidence and direct evidence. The best way to explain them is to talk about them both at the same time. Direct evidence would be if you look out of your window and see that there is rain coming down into a parking lot, that is direct evidence that it is raining outside. However, if your window shades are closed so you can’t see outside but you hear rain hitting the window, you see news reports seeing it’s raining and maybe a few hours later you go outside and see that there’s water on the parking lot. Those things are circumstantial evidence that it was raining. You don’t directly know it, but circumstances lead you to believe that it probably occurred. In Oklahoma, the weight to be given to circumstantial versus direct evidence is the same in front of a jury.

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