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Child Under 12 Sexual Exploitation in Oklahoma

When a person takes advantage of a child’s sexuality for personal gratification or profit, Oklahoma statute considers this a form of child sexual abuse called child sexual exploitation. However, Oklahoma law has a separate stipulation for younger victims of this crime. This offense is known as child under 12 sexual exploitation and it carries even harsher penalties than regular child sexual exploitation. If you have been charged with child under 12 sexual exploitation, having an accurate understanding of the charge and its penalties is essential.

What is Child under 12 Sexual Exploitation?

Under Oklahoma law, child under 12 sexual exploitation can include:

  • - Child prostitution
  • - Forcing a child to pose for nude photographs
  • - Coaxing a child to perform a sexual act on camera

What are the Penalties for Child Under 12 Sexual Exploitation?

If you are convicted of child under 12 sexual exploitation, you could be facing grim penalties including:

  • - 25 years to life in prison
  • - A $500-$5,000 fine
  • - Possibility of mandatory registration as a sex offender
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