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Child Neglect & Enabling Child Neglect Oklahoma

Many people believe that child neglect occurs when a parent or guardian does not properly supervise a child. However, you may be surprised to learn that the term actually encompasses many different situations under Oklahoma law.

What is Child Neglect?

Under Oklahoma law, child neglect is considered a form of child abuse  and can include:

  • - Not providing or denying a child proper hygiene, education, or healthcare
  • - Not providing or denying a child clothing, food, or housing
  • - Allowing a child to be exposed to age-inappropriate situations and/or criminal activity
  • - Abandoning a child or leaving the child under the supervision of an inappropriate person, such as another minor

Oklahoma’s child neglect definition stipulates that any child neglect charges depend on the specific situation. So any of the above examples are not always grounds for a child neglect charge.

What is Enabling Child Neglect?

Oklahoma statute defines enabling child neglect as voluntarily or purposefully allowing someone to neglect a child. For example, if knew that your child’s daycare regularly left your child in dirty diapers and you did nothing to stop it, then you would be enabling child neglect.

What are the Penalties for Child Neglect and Enabling Child Neglect in Oklahoma?

The potential penalties for child neglect and enabling child neglect can include one or a combination of the following:

  • - Up to a year in county jail
  • - A year or up to life in prison
  • - A fine ranging from $500-$5,000

Getting Help

Child neglect and enabling child neglect are serious charges that can affect your future and your family. Cases involving child neglect can be impossible to win without a strong defense. The attorneys at The Edge Law Firm have both the knowledge and the experience required to get the results you need in court. To set up a free, no-obligation review of your case, contact the attorneys at the Edge Law Firm.

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