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Alternatives to Prison for Women

Are You Facing Prison?

In Oklahoma, most prison inmates are women. Drug crimes are usually the reason, with fraud and theft following. Women often have fewer resources than men to obtain legitimate work, and often have children for whom they would commit any crime to help or an addiction to support.

There is Another Way

There are alternatives to prison for non-violent offenders developed by the state. They focus on helping pregnant women and mothers get addiction treatment so they can care for their children rather than having those children go into foster homes. Women in Recovery trains women in life skills and provides substance abuse treatment. ReMerge is another similar program.

Breaking the Cycle

Your attorney should be your advocate. The team at The Edge Law Firm is knowledgeable about diversion programs and the criteria that must be met to participate. If you or someone you know of someone who could be eligible for a diversion program rather than facing prison, contact The Edge Law Firm any day of the week for a free and confidential consultation.

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